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Givi X.01 COMFORT nyitott bukósisak

Givi X.01 COMFORT nyitott bukósisak.
Givi X.01 COMFORT nyitott bukósisak.

Givi X.01 COMFORT nyitott bukósisak.

Complete with summer and winter chin rests, caps for jet version and anti-fog spray kit

Dual configuration (and homologation) transforms this helmet from a jet helmet to a full-face helmet by installing one of the two chin-guards supplied.

This helmet has been intentionally crafted for comfortable and safe use in both summer and winter seasons. From a conceptual stand point, the mere availability of this helmet dismisses the belief that there is nothing new in the motorcycle helmet market. The two different specific chin rest choices provide comfort dependent on the weather condition, this feature alone makes the X.01 a technologically innovative product that is less complicated, and lighter than a standard modular helmet. The summer chin rest protects like a standard full face, yet offers ventilation similar to a jet helmet. The double homologation allows the X.01 to be used on the road without the chinrest. In order to maintain aesthetics, the attachment points of the chin guard are covered by the appropriate plugs provided with the helmet. The inner liner and cheek pads are constructed in an antiallergenic material and are totally removable and washable. The chin strap is designed with a quick-release buckle featuring micrometric adjustment. The superior ventilation system is highlighted by three frontal air intakes, two side vents, and one included in the chin restas well as two rear extractors.The specific nose guard is included in the equipment.


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fehér Givi X.01 COMFORT
fehér-fekete-piros Givi X.01 COMFORT
fekete Givi X.01 COMFORT
fekete-szürke Givi X.01 COMFORT
ezüst Givi X.01 COMFORT
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