EST. 2002

Karbonvázas Bimota

As mentioned yesterday, Bimota Motodays occurred in 2010 with a very special version of the DB6.

Superlight called the unprecedented Rimini born with the will to take a decisive step in the development of cycling in composite materials began in 2008 with the DB7 Oronero.

As the sister driven by the 1098 Ducati, Bimota DB6 Superlight proposes a mixed frame developed in collaboration with BR Bikeresearch, characterized by an unprecedented upper trellis of carbon fiber as always bolted to side plates of aluminum alloy 6082 . Same design concept for the swingarm, which provides a mixed structure with the lattice of carbon combined with aluminum backplate. Composite material including the coating surface of the fork legs.

Very contained weight, 158 kg dry, the new DB6 Superlight Ducati 1100 DS engine mounts, though Bimota are already talking about the arrival of the new 1100 engine with lightweight stand which debuted on the Hypermotard 2010.

An engine that would shave another 3 kg of weight in terms of gaining 5 hp maximum power. Values very interesting, however, that should not be to undermine the shares cycling, speaking to a wheelbase of 1,430 mm, a seat height of 820 mm.

Unknown, for now, the list price.

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